Don’t Guess Future System Usage Predict It

Two frequently asked questions in regard to technology services by management are “How are our systems doing, are we reaching our usage capacity?” and “What is system usage next week or next month going to look like?” Both questions are typically asked of Site Reliability engineers, Systems and Software Architects, or to anyone who maintains production systems. The proceeding answers come after a scramble to collect usage data from various complex tools, then a cobbling together of a subset of the data combined with a educated guess. This particular manual process of predicting future usage in general is not immediate and often sides on hunches more then science.

By leveraging advancements in Machine Learning technology and abundant high end computing resources Systems Watch has created a service that allows for an easy view of system utilization and a mathematical prediction of future usage available 24×7 without intervention. We understand that predicting the future through machine learning and artificial neural networks sounds like science fiction, but it is very real and combining this with the service adoption and delivery cadence of your companies offering can be very powerful to scale.

Rather than creating systems and infrastructure budgets solely based on existing data and interpretation, you can predict your future usage via machine learning and create budgets based on mathematical algorithms. Existing monitoring and trending tools/services are overly complex to implement and create more noise then clarity, these tools/services often follow a more is more mentality. In the case of Systems Watch, less is more as long as less is exactly what you need to make everyday engineering decisions or to help identify anomalies and predict possible trends. We at Systems Watch look forward to growing with your organization and together changing the monitoring industry.